AVP PC Dedicated Servers are up! AVP2 with Blaze + Sneek peek at Predators (Movie)

Date 2010/3/3 13:50:00 | Topic: Games

This is just a post to inform you all that our 3 AVP Dedicated servers are up.

This means we currently host:
2x AVP2 Server
3x AVP Server
1x Teamspeak Server 

(Courtesy of Buzznet, B-2?)

Please give a massive thanks for [WPC] Buzz for making this possible (and B-2?)

Also tonight and tomorrow night we will be sending a fond fair well to our 8 year old veteran member and long fang [WPC] Blaze by playing AvP2 on our dedicated server. If you have lost the discs this can be downloaded from the [WPC] menu on the left when you log in. You do not require a CD key.
Download Nanospy to browse for our server IP's 

We wish him the best of luck with joining the Army! *Salute*

On a separate note watch this video for some interesting footage for the new Predators film up and coming for 2010. Contains some spoiling information. 

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