Newsletter 214

Date 2014/5/11 20:50:00 | Topic: Clan Council

Diction's flying closet

Ever thought of hiding yourself in a closet, but getting caught nonetheless?
Worry no more! [WPC] All Diction provides the answer and grabs the spot of screenshot of the week with her new product!
Flying Co. brand closets! Totally inconspicious for a closet right? 

Now, without any further ado, let's get on with the news! 


Finals will be taking place on the weekend of the 24th and 25th! Keep an eye out for the exact time and date, but make sure
you're there so you can watch them face off! The two remaining teams are:
Teams Double Trouble & The Children of Chernobyl 

There is also a mini competition for Killing Floor! If you haven't heard the word yet, check
out all the rules and details over Here!

Onto the gaming news!

Gaming news

Eve Statue!

CCP, developers of EVE Online, have created a monument dedicated to the community of EVE Online,
honoring all the pilots in game. The names of every player's highest skilled character are on there.
Here's a quick view of the monument itself:

EVE Statue 

They even made a time capsule out of it as well. More info can be found here

Killing Floor 2!

"They've committed themselves to the cause by developing a proprietary "blood system" that will allow players to "send entrails, severed limbs, and blood flying." "

I can with certainty say that just about every WPC member has had a go at Killing Floor by now, (If not, shame on you, go try it! :D)
so I'm quite certain  most of our members are more than glad to try it. Share your opinions Here, or check out more info about the trailer and game Here.

 Project Zomboid!

 [WPC] Cherry posted a thread with loads of goodies about the release of Project Zomboid.
I've played it myself way back early in beta and remember that it could have quite some potential as a fun sandbox-y survival game, and it looks like they used their time to increase and add onto the game quite well.
If you're interested in sandbox survival, looting and zombies, check out the thread over Here

 Terraria update!

 Terraria's still one of my personal favorites, but the newest update releases fishing, minecarts and more!
I've already been building a minecart rollercoaster down towards the depths of my main mine, and even found a rideable turtle mound. By fishing. Sometimes I don't even. But if you own the game, make sure to try it again. If you don't, it's on steam for a reasonably low price!


clan news

New Cub rank! 

cub rank 

A new rank is in place for those who want to introduce their kiddos to the group!
[WPC] Hemi of course did a splendid job on creating a rank icon for it to match the rest! Looks lovely.

[WPC] Sithlord!

 Yep, that's right. Wear the tags with some pride mate :)

That's all for this newsletter folks.
And remember, there's always a wolf eating something yummy, and this one just had seabass, aww yeah.

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