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Date 2014/4/20 8:10:00 | Topic: Clan Council

Let's start things off with a little humor, apparently "smartcar tipping" is now a thing...
I dont know about you guys but i really dislike smart cars... So seeing this brought me great joy! 

Now time to get down to business! Starting with some Gaming News: 

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EA and Origin are having a huge sale, and Titanfall just so happens to be one of those items on sale! ... Tk-sfoqVT_pgN6DFNgeBwZcKA

two games that have been getting alot of attention on steam lately are "Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion"
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And one of my favorites(which is FREE to play) "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms" 
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Then we have some up and coming games that will surely be AWESOME...

AKA "Dark Souls II" and "Wolfenstein: The New Order" 

Oh and also a nice little gem i like to call:
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Yeah so this game has been in development since 2006 and is apparently supposed to come out sometime this year,
if not then early 2015... So any Final Fantasy fans keep your eyes peeled for this gem!
Sadly this game may never surface due to the issues that have been ensuing with Sony and Square Enix ... -company-uncertain/ 

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Also if you haven't heard yet today is Easter... So make sure to eat a boat load of candy, spend great time with family, and stay safe in everything you do this holiday! 

Last but not least!

Member News: Let's all give Maz a whole hearted Wolf Pack welcome!!! 
Wear those tags with pride my friend! 

And remember... There's always a wolf in the woods.. And this one is enjoying an Easter egg! 
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~Ninjacx signing off... 

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