WPC Grand Tournament

Date 2014/4/9 11:30:00 | Topic: Competitions

Roll up! Roll up! For the greatest show in the world!

Well well! We have something very special for you here. Starting from this month WPC is going to be holding amazing tournaments complete with prizes to be won! All you have to do it sign up and take part. How do you take part I hear you cry?! Well it couldn't be simpler; head over to the forums and sign up your team! Don't have a team? Not sure who you could partner up with? Then check out our LFG page to recruit your meatshield, I mean new best pal!
Our First Tournament
Well well! This one is a doooozy!
Game: CounterStrike Source
Conditions: Best of 30 rounds, half way teamswitch, random map, no bots.
Playtime: Each weekend will be a new stage finishing with the grand final!
Format: Slightly more complicated, if we have the right number of teams we'll be doing a straight up elimination! If not we'll be doing a round robin and highest scores wins.
"How do we keep track Whisky?!" you demand! Well I'll tell you how, thanks to Hemi we have this shiny new page (OMG I love it! Just couldn't wait to share it!)
This is the part you've all been waiting for right?
1st Place is a whopping £20 in steam vouchers! (Try and contain your excitement!)
2nd Place is a... we've not decided yet... lol but you can be sure it's shiny.
How are we to deal with time differences and all of that?
Teams will agree to a time before hand, as the events will be held on the weekend it shouldn't be to much trouble.

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