Newsletter 205

Date 2014/3/10 5:03:12 | Topic: Clan Council

News Letter 205
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Pay Day 2!
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As you all know PD2 has gotten alot of updates lately and one of the biggest was the deathwish difficulty last week. But now Payday 2 is getting a stealth update! for all you people who dont play like i do which is a bit like this
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heres the road map read up and become an expert!
Nuff Said like Fo realz! But seriously I have to say im really looking forward to this game. It could be pretty decent from the looks of it.

Real Talk From EA!
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Its rare to hear such things from EA this guy seems legit. Hes their cheif creative officer. I know right?

Council Elections!
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Don't forget people its time! Apply now for fame and glory! Submit your application and now and receive a free bagel!
with purchase of said bagel at any bakery of your choosing, not valid in all states, this product is known to cause cancer in the state of California, some exclusions may apply, see store for more details. ... ns-submission-thread.html

AVP 2010!
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AVP 2010 is on sale folks! 75% off! Get it to join us in Aliens week 2014!

Sorry for the late newsletter I literally had to work overtime all week and weekend so im just now getting to it. anyway thats it for me folks remember theres always a wolf in the woods and this one is tired as shit but carries a huge...zzzzzZZZZzzzzz

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