KF Modded Servers : Down and Out

Date 2013/10/24 11:00:00 | Topic: Website

KF Modded Servers : Down and Out

Whisky here folks and I'm afraid I have some bad news regarding our beloved KF Modded Servers...
Due to KFs latest update our modded servers are down again, yet here is the real kicker; Hemi and I have become unwilling to continue the constant updates required to fix it every update. We have our own projects we wish to be working on and KF keeps consuming to much of our time. It's no longer a labour of love, it's simply become labour.

This means that for the time being all WPC Modded Servers are dead. I'm sorry folks, I know a lot of you loved them. But that's that I'm afraid.

ALTHOUGH: If someone wants to take up the mantle and fix them, all the resources and knowledge are available (alot more so then when Hemi and I started modding KF) and if you present me with a fixed server package, I will happily host it for you and we can have our servers back. You just have to do the work this time. This is Whisky, signing off.

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