DayZ Server Update

Date 2012/7/27 17:50:00 | Topic: Website


[WPC] LordDean and I did some testing with the DayZ Server and we will be now be running:
DayZ - Stable Build - If for what ever reason you have the wrong files you can download the correct ones here.
ARMA 2 OA 1.62 - Currently Latest
Steam Versions
If you are using the launcher then simply uncheck the beta option. -IT IS THAT EASY-
Original Image
If you are launching from Steam then you should only need this in the launch options.
Original Image
Retail Versions
Patch ARMA 2 OA to 1.62
As with any changes and updates with DayZ do not be surprised if tents/vehicles/items get eaten by the server, database or a wild Whisky.
Please report any problems by posting a thread in the DayZ subforum.

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