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All the Clan Council newsletters and officials announcements.
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Clan Council : Newsletter 164
Posted by Whisky on 2013/5/26 13:00:00 (3568 reads)

Good day to you wolves!
Whisky here back from holiday by the beach, with sand in my shoes and a well used bucket and spade.
Without much further ado lets find out what's been happening while I was away.

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Clan Council : Newsletter 163
Posted by Virion on 2013/5/19 16:02:58 (3314 reads)

Great, third time writing this. Bahahah, seems I have talent to mess this up!

Well, let's go see how much I can screw it up in the newsletter itself, as I have already managed twice to remove the entire text :P

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Clan Council : Newsletter 162
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/5/12 20:19:03 (8320 reads)
Clan Council

Hey Hey people, once again I am here to take the reins, and bring you all a super happy fun-time Newsletter! This week, we'll talk about why losing bets suck, Chickenman, and maybe lil somethin somethin from the Netherlands to set the mood.

So lets raid this tomb, my fellow raiders....and get on to the good stuff!

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Clan Council : Newslketter 161
Posted by Sinwars on 2013/5/5 8:55:40 (5585 reads)

Welcome to this weeks newsletter, theres been quite a bit of gaming news this week so i'll do my best to fit in the most important things. so lets GO!

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Clan Council : Newsletter 160
Posted by theblade009 on 2013/4/28 6:10:00 (3449 reads)

Howdy Y'all Its TheBlade009 here with News Letter 160

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Clan Council : Newsletter 159
Posted by Whisky on 2013/4/21 15:40:00 (7308 reads)

 photo WhiskyNewsLetter_zpsfea229ac.png

My my, this weeks newsletter has a distinctly British theme to it wouldn't you say, that can only mean one thing... It's a Whisky Newsletter!

A good day to you fellow Wolves. It's Whisky here, your limey counterpart; with this weeks Newsletter. Without much further'ado let's cut to it shall we? TALLY HO!

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Clan Council : Newsletter 158
Posted by Virion on 2013/4/14 11:20:00 (4153 reads)

Allrighty then, let's see how much I can screw up my first newsletter, eh?
Come on in, and let us see what has happened this week, for there has been plenty going on!

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Clan Council : Newsletter 157
Posted by Kirschtomper on 2013/4/7 3:30:00 (4311 reads)

The moment you have all been waiting for is here!


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Clan Council : Newsletter 156
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/3/31 21:18:25 (6109 reads)
Clan Council

Hey Hey Hey everybody! Its nice to see you all have come to check out this weeks Newsletter, brought you in part by the letter W! First of all I wanted to say Merry Happy Easter to everybody, and I hope the Easter Chicken blesses you all with some crazy colored eggs. In this weeks newsletter we learn just how far camera's can travel by themselves, a two headed Shark, and how Kim Jong-un is losing facebook friends cause he needs more power...eeek!! So, with that, come along and lets see what kind of shit I can get into now....

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Clan Council : Newsletter 155
Posted by Sinwars on 2013/3/23 22:30:00 (4544 reads)

Hello and welcome to another news letter with Sin. I know this is a day early but i've got one hell of a busy day on Sunday. So lets get this started.

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Clan Council : Newsletter 154
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/3/17 16:53:17 (14955 reads)
Clan Council

Yo Yo Yo! Whats happenin' my peeps? Well I will tell ya whats been happenin' in this weeks newsletter. Thats right, this is the WooDmiester again, doin' what I get paid the big bucks for... bringin' in the news from all sorts of area's from around the globe and even some that deals with us here in the WPC. This week we will learn how NOT to eat french fries, the proper way to party with Katt, and try and find out how many stairs Sendo fell down, bumping his head to make him actually think I was in my 40's. So come on in, let the reading begin!

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Clan Council : NEWSLETTER 153
Posted by Sinwars on 2013/3/10 9:38:52 (3664 reads)

Welcome all to another newsletter from Sin, First things first is Happy Mothers Day, so i want to see all those hugs and kisses people. Anyway lets get on with some news.

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Clan Council : Newsletter 152
Posted by Kirschtomper on 2013/3/3 19:50:00 (4482 reads)



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Clan Council : Newsletter 151
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/2/24 23:34:16 (10347 reads)
Clan Council

Ohhhhh its that time of the week again, where another great newsletter is produced by the goofiest of goof, the one and only WoooooDy! This week we take a look at what Sony has been up to, the BAD fashion of London, and why Blaze should get a Steam account already! So lets do this sh*t.....#YOLO!

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Clan Council : Newsletter 150
Posted by LordDean on 2013/2/16 18:42:30 (6234 reads)

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Clan Council : NewsLetter 149
Posted by Sinwars on 2013/2/10 12:40:00 (4652 reads)

Welcome to another newsletter with Sin. Now before we get the news juices flowing, I would like to let all members know that DJWoody no longer needs more flares so keep them to yourselves  .

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Clan Council : Newsletter 148
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/2/3 19:50:42 (6169 reads)
Clan Council

What's Crack-a-lackin my peeps?!? Its WooDy again with this weeks newsletter. Read everything from floating cats, Papercrafting, and the plans we have building up to ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES! HOT DIGGITY DAMN! Alright boys and girls, take my hand as I lead you to the promised land......

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Clan Council : Newsletter 147
Posted by Kirschtomper on 2013/1/27 13:30:00 (3101 reads)


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Clan Council : NEWSLETTER 146
Posted by Sinwars on 2013/1/20 16:15:09 (4143 reads)

Welcome to another newsletter by Sin. Its been another quiet week but there still plenty news to go around.

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Clan Council : Newsletter 145
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/1/13 22:42:35 (8011 reads)
Clan Council

Hey-ho! Its your friendly neighborhood WooDman here again to bring you yet another fun newsletter that will throw awesomesauce all over your faces! Time to strap on the ol' boots and ride my unicorn to success. You'll read about everything from dancing zombies, Whisky and the beer-o, and Virion getting his computer broken by some invisible Butt-Munchkins! So come with me and lets find out whats going on this week in the matrix.....

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