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All the Clan Council newsletters and officials announcements.
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Clan Council : Newsletter 184
Posted by SendoKasai on 2013/10/13 4:40:00 (3311 reads)
Clan Council

Hey everyone Sendo here to deliver the latest WPC newsletter! So lets all buckle up and grab a bottle of Sunny D because its gonna be an interesting ride.

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Clan Council : NEWSLETTER 183
Posted by Sinwars on 2013/10/6 9:47:18 (3199 reads)

Well welcome to the 1st newsletter of the new council term, i did try and flog this one off to the new council but Snooze said NO and im not going argue. So lets get on with this small newsletter

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Clan Council : Newsletter 182
Posted by Virion on 2013/9/29 20:20:00 (5801 reads)

Hey hey all! So again, it’s my turn to royally mess up the newsletter, which means the formatting’ll be off, the content crap and everything else you love about my news! But of course, we’re going out with a bang so it’s gonna be worse than ever before! Now, it’ll be a tad short on gaming news as I wanna focus this about member news, especially the council. So, let’s see what’s what, eh?

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Clan Council : Newsletter 181
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/9/22 20:09:22 (4881 reads)
Clan Council

Greetings everybody! Its you favorite drunk DJ WooDy here, bringing you, sadly, my last Newsletter for my term. Its been a great ride, but its time for me to handle some real life BS and possibly get a second job. But fear not, I will still be around as much as I can! In this weeks newsletter, we will talk about the joys of going back to school, breaded hotdogs, and even see some of the best cosplay of all time. So lets get this jam on, cause when the bass drops...i'm throwin the f*ckin Cat!

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Clan Council : Newsletter 180
Posted by Whisky on 2013/9/15 22:20:00 (3100 reads)

From the distance future to the long forgotten past! Stay a while and listen, as I tell you a story as old as this very website.

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Clan Council : Newsletter 179
Posted by Whisky on 2013/9/9 1:50:00 (4338 reads)


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Clan Council : Newsletter 178
Posted by Sinwars on 2013/9/1 9:00:00 (3582 reads)

Good morning all and welcome to Sins newsletter, not much gaming news this week but im sure i can fill in the gaps where needed so read on....

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Clan Council : Newsletter 177
Posted by Virion on 2013/8/24 23:00:00 (2705 reads)

Finally back from vacations and now back to business, including the weekly newsletters. Which means it's my turn, so here we go. I'm well rested, so I should be able to make for a good fight against the newsletter application tool. I think. Damned thing.

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Clan Council : News Letter 176
Posted by theblade009 on 2013/8/19 2:00:00 (2464 reads)

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Clan Council : Newsletter 175
Posted by Whisky on 2013/8/11 14:00:00 (3290 reads)

Good day to you Wolves! Whisky here with this weeks newsletter. So without much further ado let's be about it.

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Clan Council : Newsletter 174
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/8/5 0:07:50 (2650 reads)
Clan Council

Hey boys n girls, its that time again. NEWSLETTER!!. Unfortunatly its gonna be a hella short one. This was one unexpected assignment, and I am really busy with preparing to see the girl of my dreams. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it none the less, even tho it wont be your typical WooDy newsletter. I love you guys, but yeah lol
Lets move on and pay the bills...

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Clan Council : NEWSLETTER 173
Posted by Sinwars on 2013/7/28 9:04:46 (3009 reads)

Well time for another news letter from Sin and i have to say this weather is ridiculous, reminds me of the new advert on the radio and a scotsman says "Theres a big yellie hing in the sky...its turning ma pale bald heed PINK lol. Now on with the news.

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Clan Council : Newsletter 172
Posted by Virion on 2013/7/21 19:45:50 (2934 reads)

Oh joy. The newsletter submission program thingy. This twisted spawn of orwellian hell again.
So yeah, I'll admit, I boo boo'd and didn't write it in notepad at first, so I lost another attempt when I hit backspace. This thing hates me.
But, without further ado, I present: Another attempt by Virion to write a newsletter, with a 172% of failure!

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Clan Council : Newsletter 171
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/7/14 19:30:37 (4761 reads)
Clan Council

Hey hey Kiddies, its that time again. Time for another fantastic newsletter from The WooDmeister! Unfortunatly this week, its gonna be a short one (awww boo) but shit happens *golf clap* This week, we talk about stinky flowers, finger lickin good mixes, and maybe a lil somethin somethin about saving money on VIDEO GAMES!!
So yeah, lets do this shit!

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Clan Council : Newsletter 170
Posted by Whisky on 2013/7/7 15:40:28 (3457 reads)

Hello and welcome folks, Whisky here with a jolly good newsletter brought to you via this rather spiffing service provided to you by the WPC!

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Clan Council : News Letter 169
Posted by theblade009 on 2013/7/1 3:30:00 (3010 reads)

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Clan Council : Newsletter 168
Posted by Sinwars on 2013/6/23 12:39:37 (3105 reads)

Hello all, My turn on the newsletter week. Bit of pointless information first, last night and tonight is the closest super moon to the earth we'll get this year. Right lets get on with some news.

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Clan Council : Newsletter 167
Posted by Virion on 2013/6/17 17:16:41 (3577 reads)

Ahh, another newsletter, and another way to test how many times I can attempt this before giving up utterely, and throwing my laptop out of the window. Oh well, the laptop wouldn’t matter much anyway, the way I’m running games on it, I’ve quite molten the graphics card. Aaaanyway, back to news, eh?

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Clan Council : Newsletter 166
Posted by DJ_WooDy on 2013/6/9 20:26:22 (5943 reads)
Clan Council

Hey boys n girls, its time for another epic newsletter brought to you by the letter W for WOOOOOOODY!! This week we'll try to figure out why Whisky is sooo obsesed with OUYA, what former YUKUZA members are doing, and possibly try to find out where the heck I've been for a while lol
So come with me, and lets see what kind of trouble we can get into....

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Clan Council : News letter 165
Posted by theblade009 on 2013/6/2 3:32:35 (5077 reads)

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