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All the Clan Council newsletters and officials announcements.
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Clan Council : Weekly Newsletter [4]
Posted by Webley on 2010/3/14 16:10:00 (2983 reads)

Firstly Happy Mothers Day all. Hope you are all having a great day and treating your mothers to a well deserved pint of beer. I would just like to take this chance to salute our own motherly figures in the clan Tic and SilentWolf and wish them a very happy wolfpack mothers day. (lol@Tic)

Secondly the Long Fangs up and coming elections are round the corner. By clicking the the [WPC] menu (must be logged in) you will see dates for this in the calendar. If you haven't looked already, voting starts tomorrow and ends on the 17th. Be sure to vote for your favorite members that you think should represent the Long Fang council in our future developments. More details on how to do this will follow in tomorrows news.

Candidates are:
- Solo
- MrShad
- Buzz
- Hemi
- MacCabbe

This week also brings new members into the pack. Please all congratulate the new members shown below.

Mystic Fire (Acoumaizer)

Do not worry if you didn't make it this week. If you didn't make it we have something planned for you all which we think is fun and will be possibly integrated into a new recruitment process

You may of noticed the new story block added onto the home page. Many members have also been contributing their stories at our story board forum and our Moon Howler Snooze has had the 1st issue of the Wolf Pack Chronicle published also! Plenty of creative writing is starting to pop up around the place and this is truly a pleasure to see. Thank you for all your reads! We look forward to seeing more!

Buzz @ Buzznet has also upgraded the AVP server hardware for our gaming pleasure. 1 Quad core and 2 Striped RAID's have been implemented for even more performance. Also a 3rd Wolfpack server has been created with password protection for match use. If you would like remote admin privliges please contact me and we can discuss this further. Many thanks Buzz for your hard work and dedication.

Lastley Hemis Paper Pulse rifle developments are coming along nicley. Follow his progress in our forums!

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Clan Council : WPC Newsletter week 3
Posted by Blaze on 2010/3/6 0:06:54 (3215 reads)

Well the time has come for my last newsletter for quite some time, so solo and the council have asked me to write this one up, this is early because i will not be here on sunday so today is my last day that i am able to get on the site

So here you go

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Clan Council : Long Fangs Newsletter 2010[2]
Posted by MrShad on 2010/2/28 8:20:00 (4261 reads)

It’s been a busy week for us all and the web site has been expanded, with for example a new Gallery. Here you can upload your favourite screen shots or just to show off your über kill streaks. And we have our fair share of applicants this week to, so your Long wait is finally over...

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Clan Council : Updated Codex
Posted by Webley on 2010/2/25 8:30:00 (4197 reads)

By clicking on about in the main menu then hitting "The Wolf Codex" you will find an updated codex on our clan, its history, its jobs, its code of conduct and what we stand for.

If you haven't read this yet, and your a member, can you please do so now. If any questions in the future, please refer to the codex, and if it goes unanswered then please contact a founder.


Many thanks

Clan Council : 2 Job posts open for a trial period!
Posted by Webley on 2010/2/24 0:20:00 (2649 reads)

As described below. If you think your a strong candidate for the post then please contact any Long Fang or Founder with a short 200 word essay on why this is for you so we can discuss your application in greater detail amongst the council.

Moon Howler (Storyteller): These are the creative literates in the art of story writing. In-game descriptions or complete fantasys, what these guys are capable of is beyond belief and imagination at times. They always bring good reads to the site. Have a story you would like to share or would like to write some dialogue? These are your wolves to ask about the history and lore of the wolfpack. It is typical for them to release some content/story around once a month and to continue it like a comic book series.

Pack Warrior (War Admin): Responsible for outside clan relationships, in charge of rounding up the troops for practice sessions and clan matches, also in charge of setting up the matches and making sure outside relationships are in best interests for the clan. They must also get members to use the teamspeak servers if able. Contacting the clans is their job, and clans should contact them respectivley. They would also have to be good with time managment making sure every member who has been selected (or has asked to play) has free time to play when said events are organised. One Pack Warrior for every platform is our goal. They would also be responsible to rotate members so everyone gets a shot if they desire.
They should be good with roster management, time managment, member rotation and to admin any leagues joined.

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Clan Council : Long Fangs Newsletter 2010 [1]
Posted by Solo on 2010/2/21 9:22:04 (3242 reads)
Clan Council

Here is the first Long Fangs Newsletter.

The weekly points are:

- Solo's word.

  1. Long Fangs composition

  2. Clan's jobs
  3. Recruitment
  4. New member
  5. Objectives

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