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Stories : [WPC] Chronicles : Episode five : Guard duty
Posted by Buzz on 2010/4/7 12:50:00 (8028 reads)

Monitors beeped in a slow and steady rythm. Outside of the room, Private Hammer stood on guard. The last couple of days she had been keeping an eye on MacCabbe, together with Zeek and Webley. Solo had awaken them from their hypersleep to assist him in the matter. Mac was getting better physically. Though the fever had dropped and he rambled no more, Sergeant Shadow had ordered him to sit out of the mission and remain on the dropship.

Mac was awake. The news that he wasn't going to participate in the mission had made him mad. Although the restraints had been taken off, he kept to his stretcher. Everything had been going wrong since that one mission in the jungle. He felt like it had been haunting him all this time. The drugs had helped: he didnt feel the need to look over his shoulder everywhere he went. And the voices... The drugs helped to tune down the voices. A couple of extra pills would see him through the hypersleep period. But it everything had gone horribly wrong. He felt the fear creeping back already.

Outside the room, Private Zeeky was about to release Hammer from her guard duty. ' Hey Hammer, get yourself some rest.' Private Hammer was hopping around the corridor, doing what seemed like martial arts inspired moves. 'You know me Zeek, I'd rather go do a workout than rest. We've been asleep for days! I'm so stoked they woke us up early, can't wait to get to the action!' Zeeky took a step back while Hammer came at him with her combat moves, which ended a bit unsteady and with Hammer's stuff all over the floor. They both laughed at the situation while picking up Hammers stuff from the floor. 'Was that all Hammer?'
'I don't know,' she searched her pockets 'I'm missing my Magnum 357.'
'That's not good!' Zeeky replied.
'Ah nevermind, I think it's still in my locker. Didn't think I would need it for today anyway. Mac is as meek as a lamb!'
'Guess you're right, this is the easiest mission we ever did!' Both of them laughed out loud.
'Well I'm off for a workout. See ya Zeek.'

The voices were getting louder. He couldnt get to his pills, but he had found a way to get himself armed again. At least he would be able to defend himself. He dozed off for a bit.
The dreams had awoken him... Dreams about the unseen evil. His heart was racing, and then he heard it. That sound. Just like before. It was coming for him, he was sure of it. He let himself drop to the floor for cover and loaded the Magnum. From behind the stretcher, he scoped out the room. Suddenly the doors opened, and there it was! Without hesitation he shot at it. The evil fell to the ground.

The alarm sounded, in no time. Solo and Webley stood in the doorway. Mac came up from behind the stretcher. 'I shot it!' He let out a little cackle.
' No you idiot, you shot Zeek!!' Webley shouted at him. Zeeky was on the floor, the bullet had hit him in the shoulder.
'He shot me! the motherf*cker shot me!'
'Take it easy Zeek. Look on the bright side, you're already in the medicbay!'
Solo turned off the alarm and helped Zeeky get up on a stretcher. Mac was back on his own stretcher, looking pretty confused. Solo filled two syringes. One with a painkiller for Zeek, and the other with a sedative for MacCabbe. After a few minutes Mac was out again and the restraints came back on.

'That's two men down before the mission has even started Solo. I have a very bad feeling about this.' Webley took another long drag of his cigaret. ' I have no idea of what to expect when we land tomorrow.'
Solo sat with his back to him. Another transmission to the Sergeant. He wasn't going to be happy. Nonetheless they would have to continue.
'We have to start waking the rest of the crew.' Solo finally said. Webley pushed his cigarette into the ashtray. 'I guess you're right. The mission must go on. All this madness can't distract us from the duty on hand.

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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode five : Guard duty
This one is the best not sure why though
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode five : Guard duty
It's cuz I'm in it rocking my psycho karate moves, silly!