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Clan Council : Newsletter 222
Posted by RenownedWolfman on 2014/7/7 17:32:59 (7835 reads)

It's a bit late but here's Newsletter 222, such a nifty number, I kinda just keep repeating it over and over again, not much to talk about this week.

Star Citizen appears to be looking sexier than ever, according to this thread a pvp release has been made available to the first 200k backers so they can give it a try, Vengeance also explains how you can check your backing number if you don't already know it. On top of that Star Citizen has released a new "Around the Verse" with some footage at the end of planet side environments. The nifty part is at the end, or you can just watch this if you don't feel like sitting down for tea and a video

In more space news that picture that's in the header is a warhammer 40k diorama made out of legos, really cool. Check out other pictures of it here, cool thing about the diorama is if you want to add blood to the environment just step on the peices, Thanks Lego.

Look stuff and things and skins and maps... Whoooooooooo Sure it's not that great but it's something to sign off to killing floor with, KF2 is somewhere around the corner so that's where all the new content will be going. Plus this content pack has neon things and whatnot, it's shiny, how can you resist shiny, it just calls to you dragging your hand into your wallet forcing you to pay for it.

So there's talk of doing another tournament don't know where that's going. Go chat about it, maybe help out.

But don't just wait for bigwigs to get around to making competitions and tournaments come up with your own ideas and post em in the forum, come chat with me and I might be willing to put up prizes for whatever you come up with.

There really isn't any Murica Time, but it was July fourth so please enjoy the fireworks.

Dustybook here needs our help defeating nazis or something, in other words he's playing Day of Defeat, which is a snazzy old source game that's still loads of fun to play. He's calling for us over here, why not forget the beach today and fight nazis, I know I will.

Now get off your bums and reinstall KF because it's the end and it's time to kick some butt over and over and over again. There are no more rails laddy, this is your stop.

Movie fanatics are muttering quotes to each other over here I can't guess anything in there but maybe some of you have a better memory for all things pop culture.

It would appear a mistake was made and Belgium was credited with the US's win in the world cup, must've been some silly error, i'm sure they'll give the win to the US now and right this wrong, then I can rub it in Solo's face. 

So the community has been pretty drawn thin recently official activities are overwhelming some members and it looks like everyone needs a break from all this work. So now official activities will be on break so that everyone can relax for at least the summer. This doesn't mean anything is shutting down it's just a period of time to relax and to stop writing all these newsletters.

Remember, there's always a wolf in the woods, and this one's taking a nap on the beach. The beach in the woods... It's a wooded beach.

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Author Thread
Published: 2014/7/7 17:58  Updated: 2014/7/7 18:00
Old Grey
Joined: 2009/5/21
From: Belgium
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 Re: Newsletter 222
Enjoy your hollidays wolves! I'll be away till 1st of augustus. So, enjoy your break all, and come back forcefully with plenty ideas and energy!

EDIT: Tatata... Belgium, this silly little european kingdom BEATED the great and mighty USA! Mohahahahhah!!!! So David and Goliath thingy....
Published: 2014/7/7 21:18  Updated: 2014/7/7 21:18
Long Fangs
Joined: 2012/5/24
From: Behind you. (Netherlands :D)
Comments: 800
 Re: Newsletter 222
Very solid newsletter, I like :)
Published: 2014/7/7 23:32  Updated: 2014/7/7 23:32
Lair Keeper
Joined: 2009/5/23
From: New York NY
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 Re: Newsletter 222
Good Letter...!!!