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Clan Council : Newsletter 217
Posted by Virion on 2014/6/2 19:06:50 (7162 reads)


Hey all! Virion here with another weekly newsletter.
I know it's a late one, and my apologies, but my family decided to ninja me and come over to celebrate my birthday early :)

But anyway, on with the good stuff right? 


Elite dangerous has started being called the adversary to Star Citizen. Featuring some amazing first person immersion,
and some amazing looking graphics, combined with unique gameplay and mechanics, it's getting just about everyone's interest. 

I'm not the best with words, but the site's got a good explanation: "

Whether you want to trade for profit between systems, take part in multiplayer mission alliances, free-for-all group battles and team raids to bring down planetary economies. Tip the balance of power in the galaxy, or simply explore the wonders of the universe and face the unknown… it is up to you. 

Starting with a few credits and a basic starship, carve your own path through the richest, largest gaming sandbox ever created, set against a backdrop of raw anarchy, galactic powerplays and intrigue. Do whatever it takes to upgrade your ship’s hull, engines, weapons, defences, cargo hold; even the ship itself, constantly improve your capabilities and influence on your journey towards the most coveted rank in the history of gaming - 'Elite'."

Make sure to check out Elite Dangerous!

Now, last and by far not least for the gaming news, is a story from my corp in EVE, Wormbro.

The resident wormbro scanning monkey had a tough time today and had to update over thirty signatures and anomalies after downtime. We found a nearly empty C5 that opened into us in one of the last signatures scanned. It was weird, not even a POCO at any of the seven planets.

The scout had a warp around and found a lone POS at one of the moons at a distant planet. It was a large Minmatar POS, force field up, with an Orca and a Naglfar inside. Surprisingly, there were no defensive modules on this POS. No guns, no hardeners, no ewar. Just a CHA and an SMA inside. We considered stront checking the POS as it wouldn't take too long to RF with dread support.

While we were waiting for a fleet to form up, someone jokingly suggested flying into the POS to check if the password was configured correctly. Unfortunately, there was a password, and the scout bounced off. End of story, right? Wrong. Our scout decided to guess a few common passwords, just in case the owner was lazy enough to pick something stupid.

The scout entered his first guess. He approached the force field. He slid in straight away and came to rest right next to the unpiloted Naglfar.

The password? 1234. Amazing.

One of our cap pilots left his dread and came in his pod to pick up the Nag. He boarded it, and reported that it was unfitted and unrigged except for a few warp core stabs in the lows. We quickly warped it back into our home hole. In hindsight, we should have refitted it to DPS and used it to help bash the POS. We also picked up an Orca, with nothing but stront and fuel, and a PVP-fit cloaky proteus with faction points.


We then bought in cruisers, battlecruisers and bombers to stront check the POS. This went without incident and we got the POS down to 25% within an hour. We were hoping that the POS wouldn't be stronted as the Orca was still full of stront, but sadly it was. We logged off a scout in the hole, ready to come back in a day and a half. Hopefully there will be something tasty in the SMA and CHA!

We'd also like someone in local to see the pilot's reaction when he logs back in. See you soon, silly Russian corp! o/

That was our AAR (after action report), and I can say I've honestly never laughed as hard as when Ceres told us the password.
Some of the terms may make no sense, but put shortly, we managed to nick a capital gunship, cargo ship, and a expensively fit strategic cruiser. Dosh, right 'ere!

Sadly, the clan news is a bit quiet this week. Make sure you keep an eye out to ShitTheWPCSays!
Even I made it on there just now! *Shameless self-plug*

And, while it may be quiet in regards to news, let's make sure it doesn't stay quiet in the games, be it gunfire or laughter!
And last, remember, there's always a wolf in the woods, celebrating his birthday early and forgetting his tasks :P 

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 Re: Newsletter 217
Short and sweet there Virion..
But darn nice work