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Games : Incoming Patch on Monday and Dedicated Server Beta!
Posted by Webley on 2010/2/25 16:40:00 (8147 reads)

We’ve been hard at work listening to and addressing your concerns and are pleased to announce that Monday will see the release of an update to Aliens vs Predator, see below for detail on what will be included.

We will also have news on an additional feature we know many of you have been waiting for which is now ready for a closed Beta test!

Please remember and check the revised Readme file when the update becomes available for additional information on the following.

- Stability improvements to address rare and infrequent hangs
- Implemented a workaround for missing audio issues with certain hardware (SoundBlaster X-Fi, Realtek onboard, etc.)
- Fixed save games being lost or corrupted if connection to Steam is lost or if user switches to offline play

- Fixed XP being incorrectly affected by offline play (though only in the local stats; this will be corrected next time you connect to multiplayer)
- Fixed other players sometimes appearing to have the wrong weapon or continuing to fire indefinitely after dying
- Fixed rare issue where players would be temporarily invisible
- Fixed some selection of servers and players in menus sometimes being incorrect

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Author Thread
Published: 2010/2/26 1:11  Updated: 2010/2/26 1:11
Lair Keeper
Joined: 2009/5/23
From: New York NY
Comments: 2728
 Re: Incoming Patch on Monday and Dedicated Server Beta!
At least we finaly have date for the patch/dedicated files. maybe we will be able to jump in while gameis in session--kind of miss that.
MONDAY it is guys!!!
Published: 2010/2/26 2:51  Updated: 2010/2/26 2:53
Pack Member
Joined: 2010/2/17
From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Comments: 194
 Re: Incoming Patch on Monday and Dedicated Server Beta!
I want to keep the bug where people empty their pulse rifle after they die...

It is like *Brubrubrurbru* Alien tail slap - Marine Die *ARGG-Brubrubrubrubrubrubrubru.....*

Gonna miss that bug
Published: 2010/2/26 8:29  Updated: 2010/2/26 8:29
Old Grey
Joined: 2009/5/21
From: Belgium
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 Re: Incoming Patch on Monday and Dedicated Server Beta!

I didn't though this was a bug...
Published: 2010/2/26 9:33  Updated: 2010/2/26 9:33
Old Grey
Joined: 2009/12/14
From: UK
Comments: 1902
 Re: Incoming Patch on Monday and Dedicated Server Beta!
i like this bug with marine

but if you knocked preds helmet off and stealth killed him, his laser would still be on the helmet and project a laser which you would sometimes mistake for a live pred
Published: 2010/2/27 11:24  Updated: 2010/2/27 11:24
Wise Wolf
Joined: 2010/2/4
From: The Netherlands
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 Re: Incoming Patch on Monday and Dedicated Server Beta!
Id better get those cheats before they dont work anymore lol