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Posted on: 2015/3/9 4:16

Joined: 2012/1/20
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WPC Zombie Survival server rules
Rules and Regulations

General Rules:

* No purposely killing players with props/doors/exploits in maps.
* No exploiting maps for any reason!
* Do not randomly votemap/votekick without legitimate reason.
* No spamming/yelling in mic (Kick or Ban will result if repeated).
* Do not excessively stand in the way of props / break props to prevent cading.
* Do NOT purposely cade-break without a reason (i.e. remove someone's nails from props for no reason or shove props in front of users to block their aim).
* Do NOT nail props down for no reason if you do not have any intention to build an actual barricade.
* If someone is cading do not purposely take props from them or nail stuff down without asking them.
* If you built a cade you cant claim the whole room/area yours.(i.e demanding players to pick their crates/turrets up to place your own.)
* Do not remove peoples crates/turrets to place your own unless if it is interfering with the cade.
* You can't spawn camp once wave 3 starts.(This should only be an issue if multiple people are spawn camping.)
* Don't Metagame or Ghost for players.
* Do not claim every prop in the room.
* Do not destroy or waste props(i.e claiming a prop to just destroy or building a useless barricade)
* Do not barricade around a spawn area or block it(i.e if a zombie spawns in a corner don't try to cade around it even if they aren't getting stuck or use anything that will prevent movement.)
* Do not barricade zombie spawn except for objective/escape maps.
* No anti-afking. This means do not abuse any keyboard or mouse commands in order to circumvent the away from keyboard (AFK) system.
* Do not barricade poorly (i.e building a barricade that cannot be shot through or hard to see through)
* Do not go outside of any map directly
* For objective maps (Any map that has obj in the map name) ALL PLAYERS must make an attempt to fall back when told to do so. Do not delay the game whatsoever! The majority must also participate in the objective! (having one person do the objective will violate this)

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