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Posted on: 2015/3/8 23:41

Joined: 2012/1/20
From: Texas
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WPC ZombieRP server rules
Due to lacking a proper base code to format a MOTD message WPC styled I'll just post the rules here and link them in the MOTD

Rules and Regulations

General Rules:

* Respect the owner and the staff.
* Do not spam in any way or form.
* Do not proppush/kill/surf/trap/block etc.
* Do not commit RDM (Random Death Match).
* Do not exploit in any way.
* Do not kill the zombies with props nor trap them. Use guns to kill them.
* Do not put all caps in OOC. This is considered flaming.
* Do not ask for admin. It is earned, not asked for.
* Do not pocket the health dispensers please.
* Do not make rules of your own or bend them in your favor.
* You ARE allowed to drop tools from a job and switch to another job EXCEPT CP tools (Arrest Baton, Weapon Checker, etc.)
* Everybody can own a gun. It is a Zombie Apocalypse; guns are needed for survival.
* Every job can raid unless descripted otherswise in "General Job Rules."
* Do not put "admin/mod/owner to me" in chat, do @ or /pm and ask nicely.
* If someone hijacks your car, picking it up and freezing it is FailRP and not allowed.
* If someone is following you, you can give TWO warnings before shooting/killing them.
* Scamming in any way is not permitted.
* You can use only one fading door per map door

Building Rules:

* Please refrain from using animated materials. If your materials get changed by an admin, it is because it is too laggy.
* If you are building, you must put up a "Building" sign/textscreen.
* Bases must have one way in and one way out with a keypad/button on both sides.
* Do not put printers in a base while building.
* All fading doors have to have a keypad. The keypad must hold for a minimum of 4 seconds.
* You must own 2/3 of the doors of a complex to call it yours.
* Fading door flashing is not permitted. ex. When they crack the keypad and you immediately close it.
* Builiding during a raid is not allowed and is considered FailRP.
* You cannot block something in without a fading door and a keypad. ex. Putting a box and a plate over your printers.
* Do not spawn huge bases/contraptions in Adv. Dupe.

General Job Rules:

* CP/SWAT and Mayor: They cannot make printers or drugs legal. * They also cannot own printers or drugs.
* CP/SWAT and Mayor: They cannot make guns illegal or make them an excuse for raiding.
* CP/SWAT and Mayor: They are not allowed to raid with Thieves. They must conduct search warrants of their own.
* CP/SWAT: They cannot become "corrupt" and break the rules/laws.
* Mayor: The Mayor CAN become a dictator and rule as he pleases, as long as his rules are in check with the server's rules.
* Hitman: Do not make false hits. All hits show that they are completed in console after the target is killed.
* Hitman: Hitmen are allowed to go on raids and kill if needed.
* Weapon Dealer: You must have a shop open to the public and willing to sell.
* Weapon Dealer: You ARE allowed to self supply, but must be selling to the public.
* Secret Service: If there is no Mayor, you are just a regular CP.
* Thieves/Gangsters: You are allowed to mug people but MUST put "/advert Mug." in chat and give them at least 5 seconds AFTER advertising it to comply.
* New Life Rule (NLR)
* NLR is in effect on this server. Do not killer the person that killed you!
* If you are killed, you cannot return to the same spot for 5 minutes unless descripted otherwise in the MOTD.
* If you are killed, please do not ask for your weapons backed unless asked by an admin.
* You are allowed to immediately return to your base/home/property if you are killed on it.
* You cannot repeatedly mug or raid someone over and over again.
* If you're the Mayor and have been assassinated, you can immediately revote for Mayor.

Raiding/Mugging Rules:

* You MUST do "/advert Raid." in chat before raiding the premises.
* You must advert it OUTSIDE of the premises before entering.
* Shooting anyone OUTSIDE of the premises (Bystanders) you are raiding is not permitted and is counted as RDM.
* Shooting anyone that enters the premises after getting inside IS permitted and not counted as RDM.
* Shooting anyone that is inside the premises upon entering IS permitted and not counted as RDM.
* If someone has guns/printer out in the open, you must advert mug before attempting to take them.
* Killing yourself in a mugging is considered FailRP.
* No more than 1 RPG rocket can be used per raid.
* If you die and you were raiding, you cannot return to keep raiding.
* If you die and you own the property being raided, you CAN return to it to defend it.
* When the raid is over, you must do "/advert Raid Over."
* You cannot re-raid the same place for 10 minutes.

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