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Posted on: 2014/6/3 8:00

Joined: 2011/5/1
From: Ab'Dendriel
Posts: 293
I saw something outside today that genuinely shook me to my core. I mean I've been present to unexplained happenings that I just pass off as coincidental most of the time, but this was outside of my reality. I've been ducked below my window for three hours now. I want to look outside again, but I can't. I just can't.

Three hours ago, I had just finished washing the dishes from breakfast, putting them away neatly in the cupboard. The time was 6:00 am in November. The sun wasn't quite up yet and you could feel the cold seeping in from outside. I didn't have a good nights sleep, waking up periodically throughout the night. I'm not sure why though, I've been very healthy lately and I rarely ever experience restless nights.

However, there was one thing that I began to notice. Every time I woke up I looked to my left to see what time it was. I would turn on the lamp next to the clock and drink some water from a bottle I had next to it. The water usually helped me sleep. The strange thing was when the bottle had been knocked over the last time I woke up, which would've been around 3:00 am. I had surely placed it upright and there was enough water in it to keep it steady.

The time before that, around 1:00 am, my alarm clock was flashing. It had been raining heavily that night, so it wouldn't be surprising if the power had gone out from that. Just one of those inconveniences that you deal with and move on.

It wasn't until 6:15 that I returned to my room to get changed before I left for my classes. At about 6:20 I opened my window to let some light in, and something caught my eye. I wasn't sure what it was at first. I saw the empty street outside, the trees, the barely visible sun, and the occasional passersby. Before I could identify anything what I was looking for, there came a knock at the front door.

I went to the door and checked through the peep-hole. It was a man I'd never seen before. He looked somewhat agitated, looking behind him once or twice. I decided to open the door. "Hey. Do I know you, or what?" I asked, rubbing some dirt from my eye away.

The man tilted his head to the left, raising his right eyebrow. After a moment, he chuckled. "No, I'm not from around this place." He raised up his right hand as a gesture, smiling. "I'm Carl Hainsley."

I eyed him up and down briefly, the rising sun half blinding me before I caught site of his awaiting hand. I shook his hand, still not quite sure why. "So.. Do you need something? I'm not really a go to guy just to let you know. I'm also not buying what your selling and I'm not big into cults or whatever if you're a Jahova's witness or something."

Carl's smile quickly turned upside-down. "I'll get straight to the point then. I'm going around the neighbourhood informing folks about a.. Slight disturbance lately." He looked to his left, probably recollecting something. "Have you gone for any vaccination in the past two years?"

I thought about it, and how only those overtaken by fear over go for that bullshit. I shook my head and yawned, one hand leaning on the doorway. I made a personal note to make some coffee afterwards.

Carl put his hand to his chin and nodded, looking down at the front steps. "I see. Good, good." It looked as though he half decided to step away, almost not wanting to continue the conversation. He looked me in the eye, squinting a bit and coming on with a bit more of a serious tone. "Consider taking the day off today, whatever you had planned."

I rubbed my eyes and laughed. "Because you said so?"

Carl sighed and started walking to the next house. "Don't say I didn't warn you." He was gone before I could get another word in. I stepped back inside and shut the door. I walked back into the kitchen and filled the coffee pot with some water. I put it down on the coffee maker and went to fetch a filter. That's when I noticed the ripples in the water. I stood perfectly still, but I couldn't feel anything shaking. I went into the bathroom, and it was the same for the toilet bowl. I tried balancing a pencil on table in my kitchen, but it didn't fall over or even tilt at all.

There was suddenly a series of knocks at my front door. It sounded like two hands bashing it, half to get the attention of the people inside, and half to break through it altogether. I slammed the bathroom door in a pannick and pushed myself against it. The knocking went on for about thirty seconds. I waited for another minute before I opened the bathroom door. I quietly carefully stepped toward the front door. There were no windows on or near the door, so my only way to see outside was from the peep-hole. I looked through the peep-hole. I saw no one. Just the same street I saw before when I had looked out my window.

I reached for the door knob to see what was going on outside. I unlocked it and turned it, but the door would not open. Something heavy must have been blocking it. I shoved into the door with more forced but it refused to give way. I looked through the peep-hole again to see if I could see far down enough. As I did, the view went completely black from the bottom up. I leaned back from the door. "Someone there? Someone messing with me right now?"

I went back into my room to look out the window. I couldn't see my front door from my window either unforunately. But I did see someone by the sidewalk across the lawn on their cellphone in one hand, and a bottle of water in the other. They were looking in the general direction of my house. After the call, they were waiting around for a minute toward the street. I tried to get their attention by waving, but they never turned back.

After another minute, a police car showed up and a cop came out of the car and they began speaking to the person on the street. The person on the street pointed to my house and the cop looked over. The cop saw me in the window and began walking toward me, with his hands across his belt. I couldn't actually open my window in any way, since the handles had fallen off and I never bothered to put them back on. The cop came close to my window and leaned forward a bit, pointing his thumb at my door questioningly. I shrugged and gestured trying to open the door. The cop nodded, gesturing for me to wait, and walked out of site toward the door.

I looked back at the person the street, who stood with one hand on their elbow and another on their chin. I could finally make out that she was a woman, probably in her late thirties. I didn't recognize her, but she must have seen something pretty serious to go out of her way like this. I sat down on the edge of my bed and waited for the cop to return.

When the cop returned, he shook his head slowly. I scratched my head, grabbed some loose paper and wrote my number on it. I pressed the paper against the window. The cop nodded and took out his phone. Of course then, my phone rang. I answered it hastily. This is the conversation we had, and why I'm not obliged to go look outside anymore:

There was a click from the other end when I picked up the receiver. I began, "Hello officer, can you please explain to me what's going on right now?"

"I'm more curious as to why there's a body at your door. Know anything about that?"

"What? A body? What do you-"

"Don't worry, you aren't a suspect. I just want to know if you saw anyone pass by recently. I'm investigating a serial killer on the loose somewhere around here."

He sounded almost overly content with the situation, like he'd seen it a lot lately. "I uh, heard someone knocking very desperately at the door a few minutes ago, and then it went quiet."

"So you didn't see anyone else?"

"Well there was this guy that came by a few minutes before asking about some questions about vaccination."

"Did you get his name?"

"Hmm.. Carl something I think."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, Carl Hainsley was his name."

"I see. Thank you for your cooperation then. Do you mind if vouching as a witness in court should the need come?"

"Wait what. I haven't witnessed any crime here."

"Not directly, but what you've given me could tie in to something bigger. It's up to you."

"Sure, I guess. I mean, wait. Someone got murdered at my doorstep!?"

"I've called dispatch to sort that through, until then you'd probably be best staying indoors. We'll be placing extra patrolmen around the block to make sure this doesn't happen again. Rest assured."

I wanted to say more, but I couldn't speak past that point. The cop hung up and walked back to the street. They said something to the woman and then drove away. It was then I noticed the woman was looking at me now. I sat back down on my bed and called one of my classmates to inform them that I probably wouldn't be there that day. When I looked out the window again, the woman was still looking at me. It was becoming a bit creepy. She barely moved at all. Just staring.

After another five or so minutes, I saw a man approach the woman. I recognized him almost immediately. It was that Carl guy from before. He walked over much more calmly than before. The woman turned to him. Carl pointed at the house. The woman nodded. Then they both looked at me. Carl, with his hands in his pockets, resuming the same gaze with the woman. They both stood their, watching. I considered dialing 911, but since the policeman had already sent word I just waited.

Eventually Carl looked over at the woman, his head shaking disappointingly. Then they spoke for another minute. There was still no sign of the police. Carl looked up at the sky. Not sooner after did he begin sprinting away as if his life depended on it. The woman watched as he ran away, and then looked down the road. I could hear sirens in the distance. A cop car pulled up again, and the cop from before pulled out. He gestured for her to get in the car, but she shook her head. The cop quickly got back into his car and drove off.

It began to rain.

The woman looked up for a moment and then back towards me. She walked toward my window and stopped. She looked somewhat sad, almost disappointed. Her head was tilted. The rain was beginning to come down faster. It was difficult to tell at first, but she began to cry. She covered her face with her hands. I thought at first, maybe she knew the person who was murdered, or maybe she really didn't like the rain. I had some tools by my dresser, so I grabbed a screwdriver and stuck in into slot between my window and the frame. I jarred it in until the window was open enough that I could open in manually with my hands.

The sound of the rain poured in, as did some droplets. The woman looked up at me. She was soaked by this point. She stopped crying and half smiled. "I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. I was told to tell you something by that man who left a few minutes ago. I met him earlier today in fact, talking some nonsense about an epidemic, or something. He was really cryptic though, and kind of creepy really. I wasn't planning on doing what he said, but I saw it earlier. In my water I was drinking. There's something in the water he said. He didn't say what, but-" Before she finished her sentence she suddenly dropped to the ground. I couldn't see her anymore.

Just then, the police officer returned for a third time in his vehicle, this time sirens blazing. They quickly exited their car and ran over to the window. The cop looked down at the woman and pulled out their gun, pointing it at me. They didn't seem to know what to do next, neither did I in fact. It was only a few seconds later that the cop fell to the ground as well. "The water.." I said out loud, still in shock of what just happened. My knees began to feel weak and I collapsed to the ground. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I began to hear screaming outside and distant shouts, heavily muffled by the rain. I remained exactly where I fell to on my carpet for about an hour.

Most of my body became numb. It felt like I was floating and my vision spun around until the objects around me became vivid colours which eventually twisted around and intermingled with each other until things were no longer shapes, but shapeless blobs. I wanted to scream or call for help or be anywhere but where I was. I eventually completely forgot about what happened earlier and instead desperately tried to escape this place I was in. I could feel my arms and legs again, but they felt as weightless as the void around me. I drifted aimlessly toward the slightly greener area, mixed with yellows and dark purples. The more I drifted, the broader the colours became, until light blue spots started to appear everywhere.

I suddenly came to and my vision began to restore, as I could feel droplets from outside falling on my face. Had I been dreaming? It was then I realized that I was outside, close to the sidewalk in fact. I slowly sat up and looked around. There were others now. They were all collapsed. All but one. One of them walked toward me. It was Carl.

He stopped before me and looked down. "I told them the same thing I told you. None of them listened. I saw you come out here, with your face to the grass. We thought we could stop it by putting something in the water system, but we couldn't stop nature. Cases upon cases where people stop eating food, solely drinking water until- well."#@(*$)@#)$


(OOC) I have no idea where this is going now so maybe i'll fix it later >.<
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