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[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 8: Starting up the Saw
[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 8: Starting up the Saw

Robert Thomas squirmed as they administered the anaesthetic, the cold metal stretcher becoming increasingly more comfortable as his eyes grew heavy. The four scientists had to hold down the man with great effort, his build was similar to a american football player, his strength unimaginable. He was the perfect candidate for Dr.Visser's project, although Visser never saw Robert, the file was enough. Just over 6 foot 4, his feet came over the edge of the stretcher. The door slided open as Dr.Visser walked into the laboratory, the smirk of satisfaction on his face. He took out the laser measure and started taking physical attributes. He picked up his phone and dialed the Horzine Engineering Plant, also known as the Foundry. Shipment should arrive tomorrow, then the attaching of the weapon. Dr.Visser looked down at the massive arms, it should support the weight.

Robert was the second candidate, the first one didn't fulfill his duties as a medic, developing almost sadistic qualities. Hopefully Robert will prove more suitable. He already took the muscle tissue culturing well, his muscle doubled in bulk and strength, it would be hard to even lay a scratch on him. Dr.Visser got a scalpel and stuck it into the thigh of the man, only a dent formed. With repeated hits he'd become wounded, Visser noted. The man's chest rose and fell slowly, they couldn't afford any complications at this point. He wore a simple medical scrubs, with a face mask to hide the scars undergone in the tests for tissue strengthening. His face seemed almost menacing, shaved with eyes that started to turn yellow, a side effect of the process. Dr.Smeets entered the lab, holding a chart in her hand. Her brow was furrowed in doubt when she saw the stretcher. She had followed the progress of the previous candidate, and wasn't sure about trying a second time.

"I don't think this is a good idea" she murmered, flipping through the charts.

"It will be fine, I have a feeling" Dr.Visser droned, eyes intent on the sleeping man.

"Let me remind you Frank, the last candidate developed a sick obsession with pain. He started experimenting on himself, that is not good. Who's to say it won't happen again?" She questioned, worry clear in the quiver of her voice.

"I have thought of that, so I improvised. I will be changing his arms a bit" Dr.Visser smiled darkly

The next morning, Dr.Visser stood at the delivery bay, the beeping truck approaching slowly. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation, he was sure he wouldn't be dissapointed. The crate was alot larger than he expected when it was offloaded. Being a man of his rank, he got others to bring the crate to his office and open it. What lay in the bottom of the crate was magnificent. A five foot long chainsaw with titanium teeth, the shine from it was blinding, the base of the saw was a yellow painted steel with a handle on top. Dr.Visser could barely lift it, it weighed over 150 kg. Fixing his suit, he called the security guards, and walking in front of the cart, he lead them and the crate to the room where Robert Thomas still lay sleeping. Taking the surgical tray, he went through the steps of the operation in his head before sitting down beside the stretcher. Scalpel in hand, he made the first incision.

Dr.Visser removed the hand at the wrist, reforming the bone so that it would fit into the socket of the chainsaw. With a hydraulic lift, he positioned the base of chainsaw with the wrist, attaching the skin and muscle on the inside of the chainsaw. He would be able to turn the chainsaw on and off with the flexing of his muscles. Dr.Visser wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead, the operating lamp was shining right on him. The door slid behind him, the sound startling him. Dr.Smeets walked  in, her eyes dilating in shock when she saw the chainsaw attached to the arm of the man. Stuttering, she dropped her pages.

"Fr-frank? What the hell have you done??" She stammered.

"I modified it, you can't even scrake it, sorry, scrape it now" Dr.Visser chuckled, "Scrake......I like it, it suits him"

"This is monstrous, what will happen when he wakes up? How many more scientists will we lose?" She yelled

"Be careful with your tone, I am you boss first " He warned

"I don't know if I can do this anymore" She rasped, running out of the room.

Dr.Visser shrugged and returned to the task at hand, he saw the Scrake's eyes flutter under their lids. Then they sprung open............

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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 8: Starting up the Saw
Nice job, Connor, just awesome.
Published: 2011/4/4 15:37  Updated: 2011/4/4 15:37
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 8: Starting up the Saw
I wonder when the Maul will see the light..

Why not do a versus story Conor? Throw in the Doom monsters haha.
Published: 2011/4/4 17:28  Updated: 2011/4/4 17:28
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 8: Starting up the Saw
lol give me some pics and he can come to life lol