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[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 7: Hitting the High Notes
[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 7: Hitting the High Notes

A crowd gathered in the lobby, gasps of shock echoed through the large room. Dr. Visser pushed through waves of scientists, his anger gradually increasing at their incompetence. He was their boss, and yet they didn't care. When he broke through the crowd he saw what was all the commotion. Dr. Clamely stood there, arrogance and confidence clear in the way he stood, he was looking around the lobby, obviously judging the room. With a smirk, he fixed his glasses and headed towards Dr.Visser, he could see the beads of perspiration rolling down the man's forehead. Dr.Visser nervously shifted his stance, trying to calm himself in front of the man who owned the whole organisation, the one who trusted him with this facilty. Smiling, although his eyes did not reflect the gesture, Dr. Clamely stood in front of Dr. Visser and whispered into his ear "I have a little job for you".

Dr. Visser walked down the corridor with apprehension, after ordering all the scientists to get back to their jobs, Dr.Clamely rarely visited the facilities outside the central one in London, that filled Dr.Visser with unease. Opening the door of his office for him, he let the man inside. His heart jumped when the door closed with a creak. He tried to calm himself down, he saw this man before, why was he so nervous this time? Dr. Clamely began, "Dr. Visser, as you are probably aware, my wife has always loved singing. Despite her lack of ability she still wants to be a singer. And this is when it occured to me"  His gaze grew dark  "I've seen some of your reports on the experiments, they look very promising. I would like a personal favour of you." Dr. Visser stammered "O-Of course". Smiling, the man began again " Good, I want you to make a specimen with great vocal ability that we could use also, I have a vial of my wife's blood here, clone it and make an experiment of her clone".

Dr. Visser froze, Kevin already wanted the clot to be a clone of his son, why would he want his wife to be cloned too? "Emmm, I'm sure we can work something to your standard." He went over to the phone and called his secretary. "I'll trust Dr.Smeets with this one, her experiments have proved succesful with her DNA experience." Dr.Clamely just smiled and stood in the corner of the room. There was a knock on the door and Dr.Smeets walked in, as soon as she saw the founder, her face went white and she gripped a chair to prevent her falling with shock. Laughing, Dr.Clamely walked to the door and said over his shoulder, "Thank you Dr.Visser, and Dr.Smeets thank you". He exited the room and laughter echoed outside, sending shivers down the spine of Dr.Visser. "Quinta? I need your help" Dr.Visser said, gulping loudly. He walked to his desk and sat down, his knuckles white as they gripped the arms of the chair.

Dr.Smeets took the escalator to the 3rd sublevel of the facility and used her unique key card to open the DNA Cloning Labatory, she was the only one with access to this room, besides Dr.Goh who was on his holidays. She cursed under her breath, she hated Dr.Clamely, he made her nervous and only called if he needed something. "I'm surprised he hasn't called the facility to make him breakfast" She said out loud, her words ringing through the room. Donning on her labcoat, with the custom title "Doctress Smeets", she took the vial and put it into a test tube. She put it into the mass spec, to separate the components. After ten minutes, the vial had 3 layers, the yellow plasma, red blood cells and a slightly brown layer where the platelets rested. Taking a sample of the plasma, she put it into a petri dish, and started the DNA Extraction Process.After four hours of painful labour, she finally started seeing results, the stem cells had took the DNA, and they were multiplying. Putting the cells into the large vat with a secret compound she left it to grow overnight.

 The next morning, Dr. Smeets looked into the vat as she drunk her coffee. She almost spat it out, inside lay a sleeping woman, identical to the wife of Kevin Clamely. The process proved successful once again, and once again Dr.Smeets nearly spat her coffee into the vat. She emptied the fluid of the vat out, and pulled the top of the vat out, bringing the stretcher where the woman lay out. The woman's chest started rising and falling, the most dangerous part of the process was over. She needed to start the rehabilitation process, just making sure all the knowledge and abilities were still like his wife. The woman woke up and looked at Dr.Smeets, a warm smile rested on her face. Dr.Smeets sat down and started talking, building up her knowledge. Finally at 4pm, she was finished. She told the woman everything about her, all the stuff she needed to know. She hated this part, it was beneath her. She put the woman back on the stretcher and applied the anaesthetic, putting her unconscious until the operations were done. If only Dr.Goh was here, he was much better at the surgical aspect of these experiments.

The following day was horrible, howling winds blew outside, causing a wailing sound to echo through the facility as the wind entered the air vents. Dr. Smeets sat at the stretcher, operating on the throat of the woman, modifying the vocal chords. She could see why Dr. Clamely's wife couldn't sing, her vocal chords had poor structure. She used her scalpel to cut the top of the vocal chords, the sinewy muscles hung lowly. Using her forceps, she pullet the chords to their maximum tautness, almost twice as thin and long as they were beforehand. She stitched them up with biological glue, like stem cells, it fastened tissue together and healed them almost instantly, it was a secret formula only the facility knew, the created it. She stitched the skin of the throat up and dabbed the blood away, the scar was barely visible. The tests would see if the operation was a success, trial and error was a big part of being a scientist she knew and failure sometimes appeared, but she thought this would work. She waited until the woman woke up and she heard the difference in her voice when she spoke, it was higher.

 She brought the woman to the testing room where several glass boxes stood, one inside the other. The innermost one was about four foot wide by 6 foot high. And each one after that was two foot larger, it was like a matryoshka doll. She brought the woman into the middle one and Dr.Smeets locked the door of each box as she left them. Dr.Smeets entered a lab with a plastic window, four inches thick. She knew for this experiment glass could be fatal. Dr.Smeets pressed the button so that her voice would be heard inside the glass boxes. "Ok, I want you to sing a scale, and gradually get higher" she said calmly. First she heard nothing, then there was a high piercing noise as the glass boxes shattered one by one. She waved frantically to stop the sound, the woman seemed pleased with herself. Dr.Smeets looked at the decibel levels, 180 db. Her mouth dropped in amazement, 180 db would shatter the hearing tissue in the ear and probably cause mass bleeding in the brain. There was no opera singer who could sing this high and loud in the world, and yet she created one.

Dr.Visser led Dr.Clamely down the corridor to the testing facility, after getting the results from Dr.Smeets, he immediately phoned the founder. Along with them walked Mrs.Clamely, short black hair and glasses, she looked like the perfect person for Dr.Clamely. Dr.Visser led the two into the testing facility where Dr.Smeets stood, he could almost see the hairs stand up on her neck. Dr. Clamely turned around to his wife, "I've brought you here today to show you the products of our facility. This is my present to you" He turned and looked into the room connected to theirs, a glass partition several inches thick stood between them and the woman. They turned on the intercom between the two rooms, and they heard the woman say "I'm going to sing....They love it when I sing". Pressing the off button quickly, Dr.Smeets nodded to the woman. A low note began, quickly ascending to a high piercing note, almost like the top note on a piano but higher. A look of horror spread on Dr.Clamely's wife's face. She turned to her husband, "This is monstrous! How could you do this?" She shouted. He tried to calm her down, but she wouldnt listen.

"I can't live with someone who makes things like this, I'm sorry Kevin, but it's over" she said, turning around. "No one leaves me without permission" Dr.Clamely said, darkly "I'm sorry I have to do this, but I can't afford to let you go" He picked her up, and carried her to the room where the woman sung several seconds before.  He dropped her down and walked to the door, "Siren do your work" he said as he exited. A look of panic was on the face of Mrs.Clamely, she ran to the woman before she started singing and scratched at her face, trying to stop the note that was already becoming louder and higher. The sound was deafening, and in a last attempt, Mrs.Clamley scratched the eyes of the woman, puncturing them but it was too late, the sound was too loud and high and blood trickled from the ears of Mrs.Clamely. She slumped to the ground, and the woman stopped singing. Dr.Visser ran into the room and checked the woman's pulse. Nothing. Dr.Clamely shrugged and said to Dr.Visser "Dispose of the body, Frank". A cold shiver ran down the spine of Dr.Visser, the woman leaned down and whispered into his ear "Everything's Black.....Everything"

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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 7: Hitting the High...
Very good read, H...Conor, greatly anticipating the next one :)
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Creepy, man. I want more.......
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I love these stories keep em coming con!