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[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 6: Creepy Crawlies
[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 6: Creepy Crawlies

Dr.Smeets placed the slide underneath the scope of the microscope, analysing the results of her serial dillution of DNA from a tarantula. Looking through the lens, she could clearly see the thin strands of DNA. Exhaling, she wrote the results of her experiment on the notepad, the DNA didnt decompose in the liquid used for extraction, now was the time to prepare the test subjects for genetic engineering. With a Ph D in genetics, Dr.Smeets was one of the leading figures in the scientific community in Europe, with her expertise she improved the methods for genetic isolation, the process she was using now. She looked through the list of subjects, only one person left who didnt die in the imprinting process, a Mr.McIver, an up and coming lawyer. She might be lucky today, her projects have been at a standstill for the last 3 months due to the Brute's incident.

Placing the vials into a box, she exited her private lab and went to the ward where Mr.McIver lay unconscious. The man looked peaceful, the sedatives obviously brought him to the deep depths of unconsciousness, she grimaced, her job wasn't her favourite part of the day but the pay was excellent and it would keep her and her family living comfortable in the coming years. Sliding the drip into the vein located near th elbow, she added the arachnid DNA into the bag, hoping it would enter the subject's cells and transform him. She fastened the restraints over the chest of the man and exited the lab, she wouldnt know the results until morning. Returning to her lab, she tidied the vast amounts of empty coffee cups that saw her through late nights at the facility, finally sitting down, she lay her head on the desk and sleep claimed her.

Awakening, she stretched her neck, trying to work the stiffness out. She wiped her eyes to get rid of the haze and looked at her watch, 10.02 AM, the results should be evident on the subject by now. She fixed her white lab coat, the one that was tailored only for her, and exited the lab into the green and white corridors. She keyed in the passcode and the door opened and the sight that greeted her made her mouth drop, a rarity for the dutch scientist. Lying on the table was not McIver but something half the height, the skin was a light grey and the face was altered slightly. She ran to the monitor to check the vitals of the subject throughout the night, not a single abnormality. A faint smile stretched across her face, the transformation wasnt complete but it was going well, a further few hours should do the trick. She sat at the lab bench and turned on her phone, she might play some tetris to pass the time.

A sliding door from behind startled the young scientist, there was Dr.Goh waving his finger in the air like a parent. "What did I tell you about putting your feet on the bench Miss Smeets?" He said smirking. He sat down in front of the arachnid, rubbing his chin he looked over at the scientist and raised his eyebrows. Smiling, Dr.Smeets threw the notepad across the lab, straight into the hands of Dr.Goh. "I see" he mumbled, clearing his throat, he continued "The results are very promising, once again you haven't failed to impress" He handed the notepad back and exited the room, his whistles clearly audible. Directing her attention towards the "Crawler" as Dr.Goh scribbled on the notepad, she looked at the eight beady eyes that focused on her, and jumped back in fright, she didnt know it was awake. Each eye was the colour of obsidian and she could see her reflection in each one.

She took several pictures of the crawler, the mouth seemed to have shifted vertically with tiny fangs behind the lips and two razor sharp fangs protruded from the chek bones. She took every detail down and drew quick sketches of the various new body parts. What amazed her were the hairs on the subject's body, instead of very fine ones, there were only several large ones that randomly stood on the crawler's body, The four largest on the back, two on the shoulder blades and two smaller ones near the tailbone. The crawler didnt move but made faint sounds, its ability to speak wasnt hindered by the process, a positive result.  She rubbed the head of the crawler, the skin felt like suade and the crawler's eyes closed. The subject must've seen Dr.Smeets as a maternal figure, not a bad thing, it could help with her research if she needed it. She almost wanted to release the crawler to see how it moved in the lab but that could have fatal consequences.

She left the lab, and she could here the crying from the crawler throughout the hallway. Is this what motherhood was like? she mused to herself. She called Dr.Visser and requested a meeting. Receiving the go ahead, she raced up the levels, notes in hand. When she finally entered the office, there was the boss sitting in his leather armchair. She smiled as he took the notes, he smirked as he read. "I didnt know you could run that fast" he chuckled as he saw the colour of the scientists cheeks turn red. She just smiled and began her explanation. "As you can see, the "Crawler" as Dr.Goh neatly wrote, is successful. It is very intelligent, it responds like a person but it can be quite, emmmm, clingy. It sees me as its mother for some unknown reason, but the bone and muscle structure promises amazing agility". She crossed her arms and awaited the decision.

"Continue with this project, it could come in handy, good work Dr.Smeets" Dr.Visser said, his voice cold as his office was. Racing back to her office, she was met with the crawler in the middle of the room, the leather fasteners ripped to shreds. The wailing stopped as the crawler saw the scientist and leaped across the room, easily a distance of 10 metres. Dr.Smeets closed her eyes, expecting to be killed but when she reopened them, she saw the crawler at her feet, the beady eyes looking up at her. She laughed and bent down to see the crawler, she's make the exception with this one, but the others would have to be less humanlike. Smiling to herself she sat down at the bench, writing the process so the clones could be made, all the while the crawler paced across the room, she laughed "The first ever pet I get and it's a genetic experiment, some people have all the luck"

That's when it hit her, she rung the experimental offices and requested a test subject. The door opened and a young male walked in, dressed like a punk with all the jewellery and mohawk. The crawler snarled and lept across the room, so it stood a metre away from the male. Suspicion creeped into the punk's voice "What the hell is this thi-". The crawler attacked before the man could finish, slashing at the man with its elongated fingernails, and biting with its fangs, the man was finished in seconds. After feeding, the crawler jumped onto the lap bench and immediately closed its eyes, Dr.Smeets grumbled as she got the body and mess removed, she was now fully aware of what the crawler was able to do, she whistled, waking the crawler up and beckoned towards the door. She lead the crawler down a private hallway to the Cryostasis lab, and told it to jump into the vat. The creature fell asleep and thats when the scientist pressed the button. The vat turned foggy as the crawler was frozen until future use was needed.....


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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 6: Creepy Crawlies
Awesome Episode Duuuuude!
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 6: Creepy Crawlies
I'll turn you all into my pets!!!!! Muhahahahaaa
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 6: Creepy Crawlies
Great episode Hydro !!

More, more, more...
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 6: Creepy Crawlies
Had to catch up on a few but damn hyd ur on a roll on this hehe.
If they ever need a kf movie script just hand this over when its finished lol <done>
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Ahh amazing! Snooze!? mommy!?