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[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 5: Friend or Foe
[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 5: Friend or Foe

Sam lumbered down the hallway, picking up speed quickly. The other Gorefast ran towards him, his blade swinging in the air, feet barely touching the ground as he sped along the corridor. Sam raised the blade, and slashed the air in front of him, the gorefast sliding under the blade to nudge him in the side with his shoulder. Wincing, Sam turned around and charged after the Gorefast, he arrived at the intersection of corridors, just in front of the elevator where he came from several minutes before. Turning right he saw the Gorefast sniffing the air, Sam raised the blade and span, slicing the air and with that the neck of the gorefast.

Watching the head roll onto the ground, he left out a snort of pleasure. Hearing a ding sound, he turned around to see four gorefasts file into the hallway.  Grunting, he turned and looked at the 4 targets and saw the trail of blood behind them. They must've been cut to ensure rage would come in battle. Sam ran  towards the one in front, easily a foot taller than the rest. Running his blade through the chest of one, his eyes dilated in pleasure as the red figure died. The other three didnt seem bothered by their fallen comrade and started to feed on the carcass. Sam shook his head in shame, looking at these people with no trace of human in them,

Two of the Gorefasts started shoving each other for the meat, growls echoing throught the corridor. The two stood up and hacked away at each other until limps were scattered on the floor. Leaving only one Sam left his spot and tried to seek a way out of this prison. He saw a red dot following his movements in the corner, getting annoyed at the camera Sam ran and lept to hack the machine and watch it fall, leaving him unseen in his attempts of escape. Unbeknownst  to Sam, his "creator" Dr.Goh was watching him intently from a security room located several floors above. Dr.Goh watched with great fascination as his creation kept his human resources unlike the others.

Hearing a sound behind him Dr.Goh twisted to see his superior walking through the door, arms folded and a stern steely look on his face. Gulping quickly as his employer came over, Dr.Goh started "I'm so sorry Doctor, I've been held up with projects" Dr.Visser raised a folder in the air, "This was meant to be in by yesterday Dr.Goh, sloppiness is not an option here, when Clamely chose me to run the facility, I accepted on terms that everything was running smoothly, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" he roared. Nodding quickly, Dr.Goh tried to divert the fuming man's attention to the screens behind him. "Look sir, this is my latest project, I've been occupied so busily with him, and he still has human consciousness" Dr.Goh chimed quickly.

Rubbing his glasses, Dr.Visser looked at the screen, the fully coloured image showed the fleeing red figure, trying to hack away at a metal door. "What is this Goh?" He said, eyes not leaving the screen. "It's a Gorefast sir, its like a quicker more efficient clot in a matter of speaking. A metre long, enameled steel blade is fixed into his arm, perfect for combat, this one is different though. This specimen, formerly Sam Hedin, hasn't lost all human emotions like the others, every other Gorefast I tried only had anger, this one shows promises of thought possible speech if he didn't rip his jaw off" Dr.Goh rambled, the glint of pride evident in his eyes. "Very well" Dr.Visser said, no emotion in his voice, "Draft me a copy of the procedure you did and send it to me, by this evening."

Dr.Visser turned to exit the room, saying "Send him to Cryostasis for storage" before he left. Dr.Goh exhaled loudly, obviously intimidated by the ever-omnipotent Dr.Visser , he walked to the door and headed to the elevator, tranquiliser gun ready. Reaching the floor as the Gorefast, Dr.Goh took of the safety switch on the Tranquiliser gun and aimed for the shoulder, over 50 metres ahead of him.Hitting his target, he waited for the solution in the dart to kick in, but nothing happened and the Gorefast turned around and looked at him. Starting to build up speed, the red figure dashed towards Dr.Goh blade outstretched. He yelled and scrambled to the back of the elevator, the Gorefast only a few metres away, closing his eyes, he waited for the final strike.

Opening his eyes a minute later, he saw the sleeping figure on the ground. Laughing hysterically to himself, he dragged the body to a nearby room, cleaned the blood from the body and placed him on a stretcher with some difficulty. Wheeling it to the elevator he descended into the very bottom of the facility, the cryogenics lab. A long corridor awaited and the wheels screeched as they rolled along the metal grating. Dr.Goh could hear the faint buzzing of the generators that were housed in the same floor. Bringing the stretcher a flight of stairs carefully he turned left and went into the U shaped lab, where hundreds of specimens were contained in glass vats behind a glass partition. Opening a hidden door, Dr.Goh brought the stretcher in and pressed a red button.

With a loud buzzing sound, a section in the ground opened up revealing an empty vat, placing a heart rate and brain monitor cable to the back of the Gorefast's he applied a pad to attach it, and dragged the sleeping body into the vat. Pressing a blue button beside the vat, the top closed on the vat and raised until it was eyelevel with the scientist. The glass on the edge of the vat eventually hazed over as the sub zero temperatures set in, freezing the specimen until further use. Dr.Goh smiled as he walked through the aisles of specimens, at least 200 hundred clots, 5 gorefasts, a brute and 150 stalkers, along with the failed experiments also. Seeing all his work being preserved made him swell with pride, Dr.Goh eventually exited the room.

Reaching his office, Dr.Goh finished the report, higlighting how he came to make the Gorefast and finally putting his signature, he folded up the report.  He gave the report to an "underling" as he liked to call them and drummed his fingers in his desk, wondering what to do he turned to his drawing board. Grabbing his pencil, he made quick sketches of a future specimen. "I think something that can reach the high notes could be handy" he smirked.................

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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 5: Friend or Foe
Amazing! Good work keep it up!