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[WPC] Horzine Chronicle: Episode 4: Quick Transformations
[WPC] Horzine Chronicle: Episode 4: Quick Transformations

Sam sat in the room, looking out as men and women in white coats passed the window of the waiting room. Seeking money for his college education, he signed himself up for the Horzine project, the money paying not for his college fees but for all his accomodation too. As a swedish student, he needed the money quickly and thats when he saw the advertisement on the internet. The staff at the building were very friendly, a bit too much in his opinion but he let it slide, big money for taking placebos was good enough for him. A man came into the room with a fake smile, his eyes devoid of emotion. "Hello, My name is Dr.Goh, will you follow me please?" He said, beckoning to the door.

Dr.Goh walked slowly, giving the teenager a chance to take in the building, in all it's cleanliness. The white walls were reassuring, a contrast to the interior of the labs beneath. "How about a bit of information about this facility as we walk? Yeah? Good" Dr.Goh said nonchalantly, "This facility is government-funded to create items that can help with war situations, our CEO Dr.Clamely, set this organisation up to help our country." He paused, walking through a sliding door to his left. "As I was saying, we at Horzine care about our country and strive to get excellence". Sam looked as the man repeated lines off as if he was reading them, no conviction or emotion in his voice.

They arrived at a room, and the scientist held the door for the young man, Sam nodding his thanks to the slightly eerie middle-aged man. The door closed behind Sam as a sweet smell filled the air, making him become more and more inebriate as he inhaled, finally drifting into unconsciousness. He thought he could hear footsteps but everything external of him became distant, eventually silent. He woke up strapped to a stretcher, the leather straps drawing blood from his forearms, wincing in pain he tried to look around, eyes dilating in fear as he saw who he was in the room with. 5 men lay in similar stretchers, but these men weren't alive as he could tell from the intestines protruding from gashes.

Sam screamed, his head still hurting from the knock-out gas. He looked to his left, looking at the stump that lay there, shaking his head in disbelief, at what once was his arm, the lab took a more sinister feel, the dripping of coagulated blood and the flickering of the lights above sending shivers down his spine. How could someone do this to him? A student, sure he wasnt perfect but this was monstrous, the drip going into his left arm, well the remains of his arm, kept a tingling numbness. Feeling the drowsiness kicking in, he tried moving his fingers to concentrate, refusing to be tested in a place like this. A door opened and he saw that face, not devoid of emotion but full of malicious intent, then blackness welcomed him again.

Dr.Goh sat in the operating room, with a diamond-tipped drill in hand. Normally, he'd refuse to do the work but today was different, he knew success was imminent. He looked at the incision he mad from the middle finger to the wrist, the bone providing a white contrast to the red liquid that flowed around it. He started drilling between the middlefinger and the index finger down to the wrist, severing the bones neatly and shifting half of the hand 180 degrees. The blades rested beside him, forged this morning at the Horzine Engineering plant, the steel blade glistened in the lab, reflecting the green and white colours that adorned the walls, Dr.Goh smiled as the Blade slid into the junction, he began work fusing the muscles for optimum use even though precise and delicate, his work had to be quick. Over time, his victim started building an immunity to the sedatives. With most of the muscles bound, and the "specimen" awakening, Dr.Goh had run out of time. Making a snap decision, he unfastened his belt and proceeded to bind the arm and make a hastey retreat, turning back to witness the specimens thrashing, clawing at its face, taking its jaw off in the process, courtesy of the shiney new appendage, before laying still, his present condition too much to handle.

The figure lay on the table, breathing shallowly. The once white skin now red as the muscle that lay beneath the thin epidermis, groans came from the figure but without the bottom jaw, speech was impossible. The man flexed his right arm, bringing the blade with it, capturing the gaze of the man. A scientist, female, stood looking into the room behind the reinforced glass, her forehead lined with wrinkles of doubt. The man lifted himself from the stretcher and walked over to the window, oblivious to the face his every move was being watched behind the mirrored surface. Dr.Smeets let out a gasp as she saw the creature up close, the almost blood red skin looked as delicate as paper then she saw his eyes focus on her, behind the glass.

Sam couldnt keep his mind straight, his thoughts constantly becoming distant. One thing caught his attention, his reflection. He gazed intently at the naked, red figure standing in front of him, blade in one hand reaching almost to the ground. He swung it into the air, no effort required to lift the solid steel blade. The stump offered him more space to swing around, giving him balance and support also. There was a pain in his harm, as if the blade was slowly ripping the muscle beneath but the pain was enjoyable, almost a sick sort of punishment for being fooled so easily and it made him feel good, he felt alive. Then he thought he saw a shimmer in the glass, almost like a shadow. His mind became fuddled again as thoughts came and went with blurring speed, anger building up he turned and faced towards the wall, he wanted to feel alive, but was unable.

The doors swung open, leading to a corridor, the red figure emerged from the room. No one was in the deserted stretch, the metal grating that lay underneath was spotless. He followed the hallway, a screeching sound echoing as the metal blade dragged on the ground, and arrived at an elevator. He stood in the middle and waited as it descended, the pinging sound telling him to disembark. Another hallway but at the end there was another figure, also red. Dr. Goh watched the hallway from a nearby control room, saw the two figures run towards each other, their speed unnatural and said to himself excitedly, "Yes my little Gorefasts, fight to the death".......

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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicle: Episode 4: Quick Transformat...
I used my left hand for important... "stuff"!

Still, my favorite episode so far because I was in it.
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicle: Episode 4: Quick Transformat...
Excellent work conor, keep em coming! :D
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicle: Episode 4: Quick Transformat...
government-funded.........Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder.

Great job young 1n