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[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 3: Brute-al Consequences
[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 3: Brute-al Consequences

Dr.Visser typed monotonously at his computer, waiting for the reports on the male specimens progress. A man in a white coat walked into the office, unease clearly evident on his face. He handed two report files to his boss, flinching as the doctor snatched it, Dr.Visser read with vigour the seemingly awful results. Standing up he ushered the man to show him to the Laboratory 4B- the male specimen lab in the pits of the facility. One of his most trusted employees stood at a window looking into two separated rooms, she looked focused as she saw the carnage that was in the room to the left. A single giant of a man stood in there, the brute.

Blood lay in pools on the ground from the earlier incident, several scientists tried to contain the furious shadow of a man and things quickly got ugly as the Brute got into a rage and tore apart 6 of the scientists. Dr.Smeets looked in as the brute got showered in tranquiliser needles, eventually falling to the ground after 30 and she sighed. Hearing the door slide behind her she turned around to see her boss frowning. "You heard?" She asked as he walked across the room to stand beside her. "I did indeed, This isnt meant to be happening, he is the perfect specimen for this" Dr.Visser said, shaking his head as he flipped open the report again.

"So this Mr.Aponte was a boxer in the west end, but the chemicals should've revitalised the muscle and built him into a weapon!" Dr. Visser exclaimed as a frown of worry crept along Dr.Smeets face. "But Sir, the chemicals revitalised the muscle but bruised the tissue after several hours, the pain is making him go insane, we have to pump him with the chemicals every five minutes from metal plates beneath the skin to calm him" Dr.Smeets said, pointing to the glass she sighed, "We even had to deteriorate his eyesight to prevent him attacking us, that the metal bar across the bridge of his nose, it administers Capsaicin which burns his eyes when his blood pressure exceeds normal."

Dr.Visser gazed at the man behind the reinforced glass, easily 6 foot 4 he looked like he'd wake any moment and cause carnage once more. A shudder ran down the Doctor's back, turning to Dr.Smeets he asked "What about the other males?". She brought him to the other part of the lab and flicked a switch, illuminating a room next to theirs, 20 things stood swaying. Each of them looked anorexic, their skin tightly strewn across their bodies, highlighting the scarcity of muscle that lay beneath. Each of them had fingers that were sharpened to points, easily able to puncture flesh, and their pupils contracted into slits. These abominations weren't even recognisable as men.

"These are the first successes" Dr.Smeet said, a smile on her face, "The Clots, they arent the strongest or the quickest or even the smartest but they have a great grip, that could be useful in certain situations". Doctor Visser looked unsure at the feeble creatures, his eye was constantly drawn to the Brute. The giant man was strapped to a giant stretcher, his white eye creeping the doctor out, the bruising was clear on his skin, red and black patches littered the Brute's body. Dr.Visser hummed to himself as he thought deeply, he couldnt afford to keep losing his scientists, well not the ones that actually work, he'd have to lock the brute up. "Bring him to Cryogenics" He said.

Dr.Smeets ordered the scientists to wheel the sleeping giant out of the lab, she could hear the screeching of the wheels as the stretcher was brought deeper and deeper into the facility, the cryogenics housing the successful but dangerous experiments. She said to her superior "As you may notice, the clots bare a slight resemblance to a boy. In fact, we recieved orders from the CEO himself dictating that this specimen look like his deceased son, but the resemblance is hard to see." Dr.Visser exclaimed "Clamely told you! How did you get so many of them?", the scientist shifted her gaze to the lab window, "You know we are funded by the governement, well we used our cloning devices"

Dr.Visser marvelled at the creatures, so frail yet numerous that they could actually be a threat. "Can we test them?" Dr.Visser said, a glimer of excitement in his eyes. Dr.Smeets nodded and pressed a button, the wall collapsing between the holding room of the clots, and the room where the brute was. The Clots stood still, waiting. A door opened into the room, a man staggered in, slightly bleeding. Dr.Smeets fixed her glasses as the clots in the room sniffed the air, tasting the blood. They walked over to the man, and one clot dug his nails into the shoulders of the man, holding him in place as the others gathered around. The groans that came out of the clots signalled their hunger.

Each clot tried to tear at the man, trying to curb their insatiable hunger for flesh. As one held him in place, the others tore, screams from the man came from the room, the man slumping as he lost blood. Dr.Visser gazed intently as he watched them feed, like a pack of dogs. He turned to his female counterpart, "What makes them want to eat flesh?" He asked. "Honestly I do not know, we are trying to figure out whether it's a mental psychosis due to the experimentation or the cloning" she said, confidence about her work shining true. "Very well" Dr. Visser said, turning to leave the lab, "Carry on Dr.Smeets, your work is going very well, please give me updates every 3 days".......

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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 3: Brute-al Consequ...
exellent work conor...euh...hydro lol. Great stuff.
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No wonder he's insane, he's got hot peppers in his eyes!! muhahahaha
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Very nice!