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[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 2: Creating a Monster
[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 2: Creating a Monster

Dr.Visser rushed down the stairs to Laboratory 2A, following the urgent call from his chief scientist Doctor Goh. The large steel doors slid open, creaking loudly as it did so, there was Doctor Goh jumping up and down on the spot, the clanging of metal echoing through the lab. Dr.Visser coughed, grabbing the scientist's attention. "What did you call me for?" He said sternly, his eyes not betraying the excitement that swelled within. The scientist walked with a spring in his step through a second set of metal doors.

Various operating tables littered the lab, a person lay on each table, none moving. A person caught Doctor Visser's eye, a woman lay on a table face-down with various implements sticking out of her back. The thing that caught the Doctor's attention was the vitals on the heart monitor beside her. It wasn't flat-lining like the other women that lay around the lab. A gasp lept from the Doctor's mouth. He looked to the scientist who was grinning beside him, beckoning him to the machine beside him. Dr.Goh pushed the button and the humming started.

Serum ran from the tubes into the woman's back, the humming breaking the silence in the lab. A monitor recorded the vitals as the percentage completion neared 100. As the machine emptied the last of the serum, Mr.Goh started. "As you know, our success rate wasn't great with these women for the Stalker program. But we tried something else. By injecting Chromatophores into them, thats the chemical that allows chameleons to change colour, the women can turn invisible for a short length of time. Observe when a short electrical charge is applied."

The women instantly vanished on the table, a faint shimmer telling Dr. Visser that she was still sedated and under control in the lab. "How is a electrical charge applied Doctor?" Dr. Visser questioned, rubbing his glasses. "Well, it's kinda complicated" Dr.Goh said, monitoring the vitals still, "A little chip is embedded in the nape of the neck, and when the specimen needs to change, it'll read the brainwaves and send a short charge that'll travel down the nervous system and activate the Chromatophores." Dr.Visser looked at the chart that hung off the operating table.

"So this woman was a chemist?" Dr. Visser said, reading the information carefully, "What made her different to the others?". Dr.Goh leaned over, and whispered "She was a determined one, we'll need to set up a test to see if she can control herself in a situation". Doctor Visser nodded, walking away he ordered some scientist to wheel the stalker into a training room. Faint groans came from the woman, the sedative was wearing off, the scientists brought her into the room and Dr.Visser pressed the button on the wall, locking the 4 people in the room with the Stalker.

The woman slowly lifted herself from the stretcher, still dazed from the sedatives. She saw the scientists screaming at the windows, pounding at the glass trying to get out. Dr. Visser thought he saw a faint smile spread across the woman's lips as she vanished from sight. She appeared behind one of the scientists and dug her nails into his back and ripped the flesh apart, the scientist crumpled immediately. The other three scientists scrambled away from their fallen comrade as the stalker disappeared from sight again, a screech echoing through the room.

A woman scientist tripped on the metal grating and fell to the ground. The Stalker reappeared and grabbed her by the throat and lifted her into the air. The stalker screamed as she crushed the woman's windpipe, the woman spluttering as she died. "Only two scientists left" Dr.Visser smirked, watching intently as the events unfolded. One of the scientist's eyes dilated with fear as he looked at his companion twist his neck and fall to the ground. He grabbed a broom that stood against the wall, and started waving it in front of him, trying to deter his invisible attacker.

Dr.Visser chuckled softly as he saw the stalker appear behind the scientist, he motioned to the scientist to turn around to see his doom. The Stalker stuck her two hands into the stomach of the scientist and pulled, disemboweling the man and she watched as the red poured onto the ground. Dr.Visser got the gun, opened the lab door and shot a tranquiliser dart into the neck of the stalker, when she fell unconscious 3 scientists came and hauled the sleeping nightmare onto the stretcher. Dr.Goh looked at his boss and smiled. "Good work, I want several hundred of them before the end of the month." Doctor Visser ordered.

He returned to his office and brought up the STALKER file on his computer. Entering all the details from the earlier encounter, he filed the file with possible uses. His bosses would be very pleased with his results, a promotion would soon be at hand and maybe he'd get the position in the new Biolab in London. The Phone vibrated on the table, UNKNOWN. Sighing to himself, Dr.Visser picked up the phone and held his breath as his boss talked to him. "Visse- what are th- resu- of the proje-" the voice crackled, a slight posh accent was clear. "Sir, we have our first weapon, our very own Stalker"..........

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Wise Wolf
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 2: Creating a Monster
Very nice mate!!!

Keep the blood and guts flowing^^
Published: 2010/10/30 3:26  Updated: 2010/10/30 3:26
Wise Wolf
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 2: Creating a Monster

Damn dude, im lovin this!
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 2: Creating a Monster
Great second episode, keep it coming m8.
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 2: Creating a Monster
nicely written!!