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[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the Subjects.
[WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the Subjects.

Dr.Visser walked down the hallway of the Biotics Lab, his footsteps on the metal grates echoing throughout the building. He was lucky to be this high up in Horzine, only him and his employees knew the location of the underground lab. Putting on his best smile he walked up the stairs to the entrance, meeting the gaze of all the people who will work for him.

"Welcome all to the New Horzine Biotics Lab. I am Doctor Visser, you will be working for me and together we will meet our goals. Work hard, we don't want any inconveniences" he said smirking as he turned his back on the twenty people and headed to his office at the lowest part of the building.

Hearing a buzzing from his pocket, he reached for his cell phone. Unknown. Pressing the green button, he lifted the phone to his ear. The familiar crackling known all to well to him answered.

"Dr.Visser, We expect y- to carry ou- your duties. Failur- is not an opti-" The phone went dead, already the higher ups were pressuring him. Looking at his watch, he smiled. 12pm. Time to get the Lab up and running. Dr.Visser walked down the seemingly endless corridor, with the confidence of someone who earned their place, intimidating anyone who passed him.

Fixing his glasses, he went to the wall where several white coats hung. Taking one, he entered the room labeled "Visitors Room" and looked at the people in the seats. The lowest people of society, drugs addicts, prostitutes and criminals. "Well you have to start off somewhere" He muttered to himself. Adopting the fake smile again, he went over to the people.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Visser, I am in charge of this facility. You have all come here to get a better way of life. I assure you, you won't recognise yourselves after the programme" He chuckled, looking at the glimmers of hope in the eyes of these scum. "If you will all come with me, we shall get started." He led the people down the corridor, down the stairs into the depths of the facility.

"Will all men go to the left and Women to the right please" He said, pointing to the doors at either side of the hallway. "Good Luck and thank you for agreeing to become part of Horzine's new experiments"

Watching the people go into the rooms and the doors closing. He counted down with his fingers. 3....2....1... Then the screams began as the gas entered the room, rendering the subjects unconscious. Scientists rushed into the room with stretchers, returning with sleeping bodies on them. His imagination ran wild with possible outcomes, all so perfect to his plan, well his boss's plan. He raised his voice over the screeching wheels of the stretchers on the metal floor. "I expect reports on my desk at 1700 hours."

Walking up the stairs again, he smiled as the lights above flickered. "Not a bad first day" He muttered to himself as he entered his office. Sitting down at his computer, he brought up the files for the projects. ENTER SPECIMEN NAME. Rubbing his facial hair, he hummed to himself. Watching the security monitor of the female research room on his desk, he typed "STALKER"....


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Author Thread
Published: 2010/10/24 0:14  Updated: 2010/10/24 0:14
Wise Wolf
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From: The Netherlands
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the ...
This is...brilliant. Nice m8, I love it. Ill give you a graphic tomorrow!
Published: 2010/10/24 11:27  Updated: 2010/10/24 11:27
Lair Keeper
Joined: 2010/4/9
From: Essex, England
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the ...
Excellent work fella, I look forward to the next installment :D keep up the good work.
Published: 2010/10/24 15:00  Updated: 2010/10/24 15:00
Pack Member
Joined: 2010/10/16
From: Philippines
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the ...
Wow, very nice. Can't wait until episode 2.
Published: 2010/10/24 15:53  Updated: 2010/10/24 15:53
Wise Wolf
Joined: 2010/5/26
From: Northern Ireland
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the ...
Very good mate!! Didnt take you long to get this up and running. Keep it up^^
Published: 2010/10/25 13:26  Updated: 2010/10/25 13:26
Old Grey
Joined: 2009/5/21
From: Belgium
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the ...
Brrr... Terrible!

Published: 2010/10/25 13:55  Updated: 2010/10/25 13:55
Pack Member
Joined: 2010/7/3
From: Round Rock, TX
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the ...
I like it Connor. Can't wait until he types, 'FleshPounder'
Published: 2010/10/25 16:53  Updated: 2010/10/25 16:54
Old Grey
Joined: 2009/12/14
From: UK
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the ...
ohhh.... funnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now to read snoozes latest episode! :)
Published: 2010/10/27 17:45  Updated: 2010/10/27 17:45
Joined: 2010/6/6
From: Holland
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the ...
I allready know what happens next dun i con? ;)
Neways, this is sum good good horrorish stuff rite here m8.
Keep amazing us!
Published: 2010/10/28 0:10  Updated: 2010/10/28 0:10
Pack Member
Joined: 2010/3/27
From: Newcastle, England
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 Re: [WPC] Horzine Chronicles: Episode 1: Bringing in the ...
Sweeeeeeeeet. Simple as that