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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 15: Preparing for Battle

"Husky, why are we in this bloody forest?" The goblin, Xeno asked.

"Because, the boss wants us to plunder for the attack" The goblin with the raspy voice replied.

The biggest goblin growled, his skin a shade of brown.

"Buzz, I heard the boss has big plans for you" Xeno said, sidling closer to the giant of the group.

Conor observed as they rekindled the fire, oblivious to their presence. Making a circling motion with his fingers, he told the others to circle around the area. Pulling up his hood, his hands turned blue. Sending water into the Goblin's fire, the area was covered in steam.

Blaze gazed through the steam, seeing one shadow turning his head, obviously looking for the source of the water. He sent fire creeping along the ground, as it reached the figure, there was a screech as the fire consumed its target. The Pyromancer smiled, and moved behind a tree.

The Cryomancer had a better view, extending his hands he froze the falling droplets from the trees above. The cries of the goblins brought a smile to his face. He could see the Aeromancer concentrating on the mist, gathering up gale force winds to blow the camp apart. At first it was a whistle, but as the winds grew, the whistles changed quickly into screams.

Snooze stood beside the Terramancer, watching as stones flew into camp and eliminated two goblins . She sent roots crawling across the soil, hearing a splutter from one of the goblins as it caught his legs and pointing to the source of the sound, she made the the roots constrict. As the resistance stopped, she let the corpse fall to the ground.

Seeing the mist disperse, Zeeky covered himself in shadows, instantly concealing himself.  He dashed into the camp, and seeing 3 goblins, he picked his target. The one with the high voice, Xeno, looked around frantically, trying to see their attackers. Smiling to himself, Zeeky sent shadows to raise the Electromancer to a nearby branch. Standing across from Alpha, they attacked.

Alpha sent a charge of electricity from above, as the Necromancer sent spears of shadows towards the goblins. Two of them crumpled and left only one behind, Xeno. Jumping down from the tree, the two mancers gathered with their companions around the goblin. The Goblin's eyes dilated with fear, and in that instant, he grabbed both sides of his head and twisted.

"Wasn't there seven?" Conor asked, looking at the small bodies.

Above, the giant goblin, Buzz, looked down at his fallen comrades from the trees.

"I must inform the boss" He whispered solemnly to himself, and ran across the branches to the south.

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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 15: Preparing for Battle
The giant goblin Buzz!!!
Published: 2010/9/12 23:32  Updated: 2010/9/12 23:32
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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 15: Preparing for Battle
He hehehe muhahahahaha

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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 15: Preparing for Battle
Poor Xeno!!

When doubt do the head twist^^
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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 15: Preparing for Battle
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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 15: Preparing for Battle
Well.... if the good of me is dead. what would the bad bring hmmmm?
Hopa ya'll had a good life so far.... n stuff :D